Do Coffee Machines Turn Off Automatically

Somedays, the overwhelming stress of the packed lunches, school run, late cycle to work or missed alarm, brings on a panic like no other, and more often than not, can lead to some things going a tad wrong.

Maybe you forgot to shut a window in the house, lock the garage door or turn off your coffee machine. If you can apply the latter to yourself then this blog is for you.

If you can’t apply yourself to forgetting to turn off the coffee machine in a mad dash, then you should probably still read on anyway (why not?), cause we are going to go over automatic turning off in coffee machines, what actually is an automatic turn off and other important ins and outs of coffee machine power supplies. 

Luckily, nowadays, coffee machines tend to have an automatic turn off switch which sends the machine into standby saving yourself the worry of burning something, setting fire to your property or increasingly that energy bill.

However, if you have an older coffee machine you could be stripped of the automatic turn off feature which will need to be monitored in order to avoid any unprecedented kitchen malfunctions that no one needs. Old skool, traditional coffee pots are more than likely not going to have an automatic turn-off feature and are certainly something that you need to monitor because of this before it sends a whole host of problems your way.

Hi-tech or more modern models will most probably have an automatic turn off feature that works on a timer basis. 

Whilst it is not essential to have a coffee machine which automatically turns off it is hugely beneficial. You can effectively manage and work around an older model which doesn’t have the feature but you are going to have to use old-fashioned methods of remembering, for example, to-do lists or pre-set alarms, I’ll leave it up to you to decide what way you would prefer.

At the end of the day, whether you like it or not, tech is pretty good at helping out human life and this piece of kit is particularly useful in avoiding unwanted disasters in the kitchen, there’s a reason that regulations are in place for all new coffee machines to have an automatic turn off in their programming.

Is A Coffee Machine Auto Shut Off The Same As Automatic Turn Off?

Whilst the semantic terminology of auto shut off and auto turn off are similar, the idea is slightly different. When talking about auto turn off it sends the coffee machine to an off standby state in much the same way the likes of your TV would when it is not in use.

This can be anywhere from 5 minutes to 40 minutes of inactivity depending on circumstances. It has therefore shut off the power but not completely, and is intended to save you some extra pennies on your bills whilst saving energy.

An auto shut off is more based on safety precautions and avoidance of any unwanted dangers by shutting off the machine. The automatic shut off is a focus on the practical side of things rather than the overt functioning of the machine that the automatic turn off feature involves. It looks to mitigate burning of coffee, coffee pots and most importantly potential house fires which is the most dangerous threat that coffee machines pose.

Ultimately, these two methods result in similar outcomes. Infact, despite turning to standby and benefiting from all the pros of this I would probably still recommend turning the machine off at the plug in some instances. Auto turn off does only merely put the machine to a rested state and as such you could be forgiven for thinking this was off but it is simply in stand-by.

Call me over the top slightly OCD but I usually unplug electrical devices when I go on holidays or leave the house for extended periods of time and put it this way, my coffee machine would be no exception to this blanket safety roll call. 

Benefits Of An Automatic Turn Off Coffee Machine

Whilst not only is it now law and legislation to have automatic turn off installed in machines as a way of preventing dangers associated with sustained heat and electrical current but it also generally provides numerous benefits when your coffee machine has an automatic turn off feature. 

Saves Electricity

Saving money and energy from streamlined functionality is a huge benefit to auto turn off.

It means you spend as little time as possible powering your machine and in a time of increasing global warming alongside skyrocketing energy bills, what more could you really want in 21st-century life.

Prevents Burnt Coffee

Yeah it’s not as bad setting your house up on fire or as beneficial as saving dollars on your electricity bill but burning your coffee is fairly devastating and avoiding it can be just, nice.

Without a timer function on your machine you are susceptible to forgetting you stuck the machine on. This leads to a constant evaporation of the water and ultimately a sludgy, burnt mess.

It’s nothing short of a day ruiner and if it happens time and again it can really start to grind on you. Save the grinding for the beans only and sort yourself out with a coffee machine that turns off automatically. 

Minimises Damage To Your Coffee Pot

If you’ve left the heat on for a good few hours and left the house to go to work or something you can expect to not only come to burned coffee but also a horribly burned coffee pot.

Whilst it’s not always too difficult to clean up with a little concoction of some lemon juice, baking powder and salt combined with a large dose of elbow grease, it can just be hassle.

The last thing anyone needs to be doing when they come home from a long day in the office is to be scrubbing their coffee pot clean. In serious cases you could end up destroying the pot entirely which means you haven’t got any choice but to get a new one.

If only you could have had something to turn off the coffee machine for you… oh wait! 

Minimizes The Risk Of A Fire

This is perhaps the reason for the law and legislation being around these machines in a bid to protect the public from this risk. Surrounding paper, cloth or wires could melt or burn causing the spread of a fire.

Or just general overheating in the machine could cause faulty processes. All told, leaving a coffee machine on all day is asking for trouble with fire hazards, simply due to the energy it is producing.

Put it this way, you wouldn’t leave your toaster pushed down all day. Equally, you don’t wanna leave your coffee machine on all day. 

Can You Leave A Coffee Machine On All Day?

There’s a weird urban myth surrounding technology whereby many think that the constant turning on and off of machines is bad for the general wear and tear. And this may well be applicable to other pieces of kit, when it comes to coffee machines it is fairly negligible.

It may set you back an extra 30 seconds, but asides from this, there’s no other really obvious reasons as to why you shouldn’t turn your machines off after use. Auto turn off helps with this.

Whilst you shouldn’t leave your coffee machine on all day, it is, generally speaking, not going to be catastrophic if you accidentally leave the machine on all day after forgetting in a mad rush morning. However, if you start to make a habit of this, I would urge you to change your ways. I

t is fairly conclusive that the pros of coffee machines turning off when not in use outweigh the cons. Energy consumption and reduction in bills is a huge factor in this and leaving something on that you aren’t using all day is like chucking money down a drain essentially anyway.

Additionally, by keeping the coffee machine running all day you do face an increased chance of hazardous or dangerous circumstances in terms of fire hazards.

Realistically these are rarely going to be actualities, but it is a concern nonetheless and something to consider. At the end of the day, it’s not going to be a disaster if you do leave your coffee machine on all day. 

Do You Need To Unplug A Coffee Machine?

Okay, so we’ve sort of established the importance of turning off your coffee machine and the real necessity behind the campaign for all modern machines to have the tech to do this automatically.

However, once it’s turned off into that ‘standby’ mode can you just leave it or do you need to unplug it. Regarding automatic coffee machines initially, it is best to unplug or switch off the equipment at the plug like most other ‘standby’ electrical appliances in the house including TV’s, games consoles or water heaters.

This automatic turn off works to save energy and stop as much power going into the coffee machine, but whilst it remains powered by the mains it will be using energy, consequently upping your bills alongside your carbon footprint. It is therefore wiser to unplug the machine regardless of if it switches itself off automatically.

On top of saving on the coffee machine, you also actually remind yourself to unplug other devices similarly. Manual coffee machines with no automatic features, like their more modern cousin, should also be turned off at the wall for precisely the same reasons.

For these machines, you are more likely to cut power at the mains when turning them off anyway as their lack of auto-off feature calls for more direct action from the user in the first place. 

Best Automatic Coffee Machines

Nowadays, the selection of automatic coffee machines on the market is remarkable. Ranging from cafe grade kit to more quaint, modest affairs. Whatever your budget or your desires for coffee hosting, we’ve got you covered. We are going to look at the top 5 automatic coffee machines.

1. Breville BES920XL Dual Boiler Espresso Machine

Sitting at the high end of the price range for the coffee machines on the list is this stunning Breville number.

Perhaps more suited for commercial functions, this espresso machine boasts an impressive dual system allowing for espresso extraction and steaming at the same time, thanks to the Italian pumps ability to work simultaneously.

This allows for seamless coffee making. Equipped with all the latest mod-cons this bulky yet aesthetically pleasing machine has an LED display for temperature gauging and timings whilst also utilising a PID electronic temperature gauge for perfect steaming.

This machine is cafe grade, equipped for all coffee delicacies and is the perfect way to a smooth, rich cup of the good stuff. Users have complained about pump and filtration issues alongside its very high price tag. Generally speaking, this machine is built to last and produce. It does just that. 

2. Sowtech Espresso Machine 3.5 Bar

At the polar opposite side of the coffee machine price range is our best budget choice. Simply put, Sowtech has nailed this area. Not all of us are willing to indulge in hundreds of dollars worth of coffee machines, leave that for the proper coffee snobs.

This machine is the perfect solution for a budget coffee lover. Offering a compact yet wonderful design this coffee machine encompasses a 3.5 bar pressure coffee maker allowing for a 1-4 cup espresso.

On top of this, Sowtech has brilliantly managed to incorporate a frothing arm to make milky delicacies that will complete your cappuccino or latte.

The simple design spares mod-cons but allows for a massively attractive price tag.

This coffee machine is the definition of bang for your buck and makes that coffee in the morning quick yet also delicious. Many complain over the lack of range in the functionality that this machine provides whilst also proving to be quite hard to figure out how it works at first.

3. Melitta Look IV Timer

If it’s filter coffee you prefer then this bad boy has you covered. Cheap and cheerful this prime example shows that purchasing a coffee machine does not have to bankrupt you for good results.

Despite being a cheap price tag, this product is far from ‘cheap’. Solid and reliable the Melitta Look uses paper filters for increased variability over tastes whilst also integrating an easy-to-use dial for effective control over strength and flavour of your coffee.

The glass coffee pot holds the coffee and the hot-plate below warms up the pot if you are mulling over your brew. Leaving your glass coffee pot on the plate for too long does have a bit of a damaging effect and will burn your coffee if it’s left for too long.

Luckily this machine comes equipped with a handing timer and added tech functionality which allows for timers to be set meaning you can avoid any disasters.

It’s also super easy to clean as a machine and actually boasts a self-calcifying feature which will kick in after a good few uses. It seemingly does make the coffee to drink instantly and is a tad colder than some like their morning caffeine hits to be.

So if you like scalding hot americanos to pry your eyes open then this might not fit the bill, but if you are looking for a filter machine with a nice price tag, you will not find a more worthy kitchen appliance for that checklist than this product. 

4. Nespresso Lattissima One

This crossover love-child from Nespresso and Delonghi provides our favourite capsule coffee machine on the market. Sheek on the outside and delicate on the inside this machine works on a capsule basis for one cup of coffee at a time. If that is all you are looking for from your coffee machine then this is undoubtedly the product for you.

A perfect entry for those looking to join the Nespresso club, this product is a button press away from sorting you out with any of your favourite coffees but you unfortunately once you join the Nespresso club there’s no leaving as this machine uses Nespresso coffee only.

Whilst this limits you to the one brand it by no means limits your coffee options as the giants in the industry now have an outstanding selection of roasts and types. Ergonomically, the design of this machine is fantastic.

The milk compartment and sheek design compliment the easy-to-use nature of the product and allow for a seamless coffee-making experience.

The special milk compartment does allow for a limiting on wastage for each use but does in fact only produce enough milk for one coffee and needs to be cleaned after every use.

This is certainly something to consider if you are looking to pump coffees out of the machine one after another you may find that you’ll struggle.

Its smart LED display and low-energy mode are useful additions to this coffee machines repertoire. So despite limiting yourself to Nespresso pods only and a one-use milk frother, this machine is convenient, sleek and competent and for the price is easily one of the best capsule machines on the market currently. 

5. DeLonghi Dedica Espresso Machine

Slimline and professional this coffee machine is an unforgiving classic bit of kit that will suffice everyone from bargain hunters to coffee snobs. Designed with space in mind this slim product would fit on any kitchen surface and produces an excellent single or double espresso.

It’s versatility and durability allows you to whack anything from supermarket ground coffee to ground up artisan beans.

Whilst perhaps not drawing the best results from the best coffee to suffice the most pernickety of coffee snobs, for the price it does a grand job of whacking out lovely espressos.

If you are looking to get the best results you will need to spend more, frankly. Simple in its function but superbly adequate, the Dedica allows you to brew like a pro from the comfort of your own house. The milk frother allows lots of choice over your coffee and the whole machine is super easy to use.

There are numerous reports of faulty defects on this particular model, but from personal experience, this seems to be more unlucky rather than an actual factory issue.

It is certainly something to consider regardless. Whilst never going to live up to more expensive espresso machines the DeLonghi Dedica is the perfect espresso coffee machine, it ticks all the right boxes to impress from any kitchen work surface. The perfect middle-ground coffee machine.

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