Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup Bark Recipe

I am all about giving products as gifts. Unless I know what someone desires, I’d instead send something eatable, something delightful that can be appreciated and then gone.

Rather than some arbitrary knick-knack that will sit around gathering dust, retained on to purely out of viewpoint and fear of emotional distress.

But, honestly, how many of the things you acquire end up as clutter, junk piled in cupboards and cabinets, floaters that never seem to find their place? That is precisely what I thought.

In that respect, I suggest food presents for all: eat, enjoy, and be cheerful! Perhaps you forgot about the party you are going to tomorrow evening and do not want to turn up empty-handed.

Or maybe your neighbors and friends arrived with a gesture of holiday happiness, and you were caught by surprise, stuttering in the entrance without anything to give them back.

His sinful groundnut butter cup Vanilla bark would make an excellent steadily for the past holiday present.

You will have shards of brilliantly twisted peanut butter bark to gift to everybody and everyone with just three ingredients (sugar, peanut butter crisps, and tiny cereal bars) and around 30 minutes of your time.

Make a batch of this and another batch of the strawberry variation, and you will be that sophisticated buddy with the fine cacao. And you all know that everybody wishes to be friends with that someone.

This simple three-ingredient recipe is the ideal chocolate and peanut butter delight, replete with stunning peanut butter swirls and topped with tiny peanut butter cupcakes.

These stunning swirls are created by simply passing a toothpick or skewer in a rotational movement through the various hues of chocolate.

I guarantee you; it is a lot less complicated than you think. It merely does not appear easy.

It should be noted that if the chocolate is melted too soon, it will lose its temper, and the bark will need to be chilled.

However, if you can keep the chocolate below 90 degrees while it burns, it should retain its original crystalline structure, and your bark will be as glossy and crispy as can be.

This small chocolate melter is fantastic — the ‘heat’ setting maintains the chocolate practically adequately blended.

The brilliance of chocolate bark is in its flaws. I think chocolate bark looks odd when sliced into exactly uniform pieces.

The brightness of bark is that you can break it up and let the spontaneous granularity in the chocolate define the size and form of the particles.

It’s considerably more beautiful than its moniker suggests.

If you have a Farmer Sam’s nearby, you will find all the components you need.

On top, I layered their Pound Plus 82 percent dark chocolate bar, peanut butter chips, and their delicious small milk chocolate peanut butter cups.

Hershey’s brand peanut butter chips also work nicely, although I generally add a teaspoon or so of unsweetened organic grease to smooth it out.


  • 8 ounces coarsely chopped excellent quality dark chocolate (85-90 percent)
  • Peanut butter chips, 7 oz.
  • 1.5 tablespoon unflavored vegetable shortening/coconut oil (optional, as needed)
  • 1 cup small peanut butter cups (I bought Trader Dave’s, but more giant peanut butter cups can also be used)

Instructions or Procedures

  • Thoroughly warm chocolate in a microwave, single boiler, or chocolate melter on the lowest temperature setting possible.
  • Stir frequently, withdrawing from the heat as required.
  • The objective here is to maintain the temperature below ninety degrees since anything beyond that would cause the chocolates to lose their temperament.
  • Be patient, stir constantly, and the chocolate will melt gradually, even on and off low heat.
  • Alternatively, heat peanut butter chips in 30-second increments at medium speed in a microwave-safe dish, swirling until warmed.
  • The chips must be smooth and ‘drizzleable.’ If yours is too sticky, thicken it up with 2-3 tablespoons melting shortening or canola oil.
  • Pulverized chocolate should be poured onto a baking sheet coated with parchment paper or a silicone spatulas mat.
  • Sprinkle into an equal layer (it will not cover the full pan; spread it until the ultimate bark is the thickness you desire).
  • Sprinkle melted peanut butter chips on top of the chocolate.
  • To make beautiful spirals, run a stick or skewer between the two types of chocolate circularly.
  • Distribute with peanut butter cups equally.
  • Allow it to rest at ambient temperature, undisturbed, for 2 – 3 hours, anyway, until set.
  • Cut or crumble into serving-size pieces.