Are Ikea Knives Any Good?

We know Ikea as the place to go for cheap DIY furniture, but when it comes to kitchenware, it’s not exactly the brand that rings in our minds. Still, Ikea does sell kitchen knives at significantly low prices. You may be wondering: are these cheaper Ikea knives actually any good? Ikea’s 365+ line of kitchen …

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Electric vs. Manual Knife Sharpener

Knives are meant to be long-term tools. A good set can last a lifetime and even be passed on to future generations. Beyond selecting suitable knives in the first place, maintaining them properly is crucial. The first step is choosing the perfect knife sharpener.  An electric knife sharpener uses an electric current to seamlessly sharpen …

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Are Ikea Plates Oven Safe?

Ikea is my go-to store for simple & affordable homeware. They stock everything from gardening equipment to photo frames, bedding to kitchenware. However, while Ikea prides itself on creating versatile products, the kitchen products specifically can sometimes be limited. Ikea plates are commonly made from porcelain and are therefore not oven safe. However, you can …

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