Can You Use Fry Light In An Air Fryer?

Fry Light became popular with those looking to cut the calories and amount of fats and oils used while cooking. Fry Light was the revolutionary product that allowed people to cook but use a limited amount of oil while doing so. This was used in a new way or spraying the oil into a pan instead of pouring.

It is certainly possible to use fry light in your air fryer. At the end of the day, it is simply another oil that can be used in almost any cooking situation. The only thing to bear in mind, though, is that you may be at risk of spilling some of the oil into the fan or motor of your air fryer.

Fry Light is accessible to find in a number of supermarkets and is very reliable to use in a number of ways of cooking including in air fryers. In the article, I will look into how each of the items work, if they are compatible and what you should know before using fry light in an air fryer.

How Does An Air Fryer Work?

Well, it’s actually quite interesting. Conventional deep fat fryers work by heating up large vats of oil such that when food is added to the basket, the hot oil cooks it from the outside in. The process of cooking in an air fryer is similar, but the air is used instead of oil.

The heating element and fan combine to form a chamber of rapidly circulating hot air which serves to replace the hot oil in a deep fryer. The movement of the air and the extreme heat brown the outside of the food at the same time as the inside is gently cooked by the heat of the air itself.

As long as the temperature of the air within the basket reaches roughly 320˚F, the food within the basket will brown and cook effectively.

Because the food is cooked in this way, it’s important to only palace the basket full of food into the air fryer itself when the appliance is fully pre-heated. That way, the outside of food will become truly crispy, rather than simply cooking normally.

What Is Fry Light?

Fry light is a replacement cooking oil that markets itself as being one calorie per spray. The idea of the spray is that it is a very low-calorie way to cook your favorite foods while still frying them to achieve the same flavors you love.

Within the bottle, fry light in a mixture of oil, water, a thickener, an emulsifier, some flavorings, and a little alcohol to act as a preservative. This mixture forms an emulsion that easily works as an effective cooking spray, allowing you to make your favorite foods with fewer calories.

While fry light is one calorie per spray, you may need more than one spray when frying something in a pan. In fact, fry light themselves recommend using five to ten sprays to completely cover the surface of a pan when you’re cooking.

Can You Use Fry Light In An Air Fryer?

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Create a small paragraph on alternative cooking oils which may be more suitable to use in air fryers if fry light is not suitable.

It is certainly possible to use fry light in your air fryer. At the end of the day, it is simply another oil that can be used in almost any cooking situation. The only thing to bear in mind, though, is that you may be at risk of spilling some of the oil into the fan or motor of your air fryer.

While the risk of spilling the oil that you’re using into the fan is a concern with any oil, it’s more pressing with fry light as the spray nature of it means that small particles can get to places that large droplets of oil could not. To counter this, we’d recommend spraying your food in a bowl and tossing it there before transferring the now-coated food to your air fryer. This will minimize any chance of getting fry light somewhere that might cause a problem.


Low calorie

There’s no surprise here: fry light is a low-calorie option! It’s great for cutting down on the number of calories in your diet, and it can be used to cut down on the calories you generate when air frying.

Works just as well

At the end of the day, fry light is simply another cooking oil. While there are a few things mixed in, it works just as well as less healthy oils, making it perfectly fine to use in your air fryer.

More neutral taste

While there are a number of different options for flavors of fry light, the more basic options have quite a neutral taste, especially when compared to traditional deep frying fats like beef dripping. The neutral taste can be a good thing if you want to season your own food and have the flavoring carry through well.


Can get into the fan of your air fryer

As fry light is a spray, the small particles can get trapped in the fan of your air fryer. Over time, this can lead to impaired function, meaning that it’s best to avoid it completely. Try spraying your food in a separate bowl, and then transferring it to your air fryer.

Might not coat your food as well

Other oils can be used to coat food well as they have good cohesive properties. Fry light doesn’t have this property so much, as it is reduced to a fine mist when sprayed. Therefore, it may not coat your food as well as other oils could.

You might be spending more per meal

Most air fryers recommend that you use a standard amount of oil per thing that you cook. This means that you would use, for example, a tablespoon of olive oil or a tablespoon of butter – it would be the same amount in either scenario. Fry light is generally sold in fairly small bottles, which could mean that you’re using a large proportion of the bottle per meal. Over time, this could add up to be more expensive than using other, more cost-effective, oils.

Alternative Oils Which May Be More Suitable

If you’re having trouble with using fry light in your air fryer, then we completely understand. You might just want to swap back to more conventional oil, and that’s okay.

For a while now, the general consensus has been that you should use some type of vegetable oil in order to reduce the number of saturated fats in your diet. From the vegetable oils on the market (olive oil, vegetable oil, avocado oil, etc) we would recommend picking one which isn’t solid at room temperature – that can make it extremely hard to clean your air fryer after you’ve finished using it.

Your best candidates for vegetable oils that are liquid at room temperature are olive oil and vegetable oil. These oils also have a high smoke point, meaning that you won’t find yourself giving your chips a burned flavor, for example.