Can You Use A Flat Top Grill Indoors?

Imagine having the delicious flavors of grilled meat and vegetables, even in the wintertime.

If you don’t want to give up your summertime favorites, a flat top grill might seem like the obvious solution.

But can you use a flat top grill inside? That depends.

You cannot use a propane flat top grill indoors for safety reasons.

However, an electric version may be just what you’re looking for.

Propane Flat Top Grill

A propane flat top grill cannot be used inside.

That’s because the gas produces carbon monoxide, which can be deadly in enclosed spaces.

A propane flat top grill should only be operated outside where there is plenty of fresh air.

Never assume you can use it in the kitchen and bring it in, no matter how cold it is outdoors.

Electric Flat Top Grill

While you can’t use a gas flat top grill inside, you can use an electric one in your kitchen.

That gives you an option for getting grilled flavors when you can’t cook in the yard.

This kind of grill can be used to prepare a huge range of foods that you normally cook outside.

That includes steak, chicken, shrimp, fish, squash, peppers, potatoes and much more.

Choosing the Right Flat Top Grill

If you want to get the most out of cooking inside with a flat top grill, it’s important to choose the right one.

I encourage you to give it some thought and not buy the first one you see.

Of primary importance is how much cooking space you need. Consider how many people you’ll be cooking for so you have ample space to prepare enough food for everyone.

Experts suggest choosing a model that has 200 to 400 square inches of cooking space to cook a meal for a family of four.

You should also think about the design.

Do you want a grill you can place on the table or counter in the kitchen?

Or would you prefer a freestanding grill that you can move back and forth from inside to outside anytime you want to?

Generally, freestanding flat top grills are larger and provide more cooking space, up to 750 square inches in some cases.

However, if you have a small kitchen with limited space, this option might not make sense for you.

The materials used to make the grill are another factor.

Stainless steel is quite popular for indoor use and complements the other appliances in your kitchen.

Aluminum is a great choice for durability. It’s also lightweight so it’s easy to move from indoors to outdoors, as necessary.

Cast iron can handle high temperatures without warping. It’s great for searing, especially when you cook steak.

However, it does rust easily so keep that in mind.

Finally, ceramic is ideal for heat retention.

It does require more care than other materials and is prone to chips and cracks if you aren’t careful.

Using Your Flat Top Grill Inside

Once you’ve chosen the flat top grill you want to use, be sure you read the manufacturer’s directions carefully before use.

This allows you to follow safety protocols, as well as enjoy the food I know you love so much.

Is It Safe To Use A Flat Top Grill Indoors?

You can certainly use some flat top grills inside.

This makes it super convenient to cook foods that you normally do outside.

I’m so excited for you to give it a try. Remember:

● You can’t use a gas flat top grill indoors

● An electrical flat top grill is safe for indoor use

● Consider the size before you buy

● Materials are an important consideration

● Follow directions for safety

You’re going to love cooking indoors with a flat top grill. I can’t wait for you to experience it!