Can You Use A Cast Iron Plate In An Air Fryer?

While there are not many reasons you would need a cast iron plate in your air fryer it is handy to know if the two are compatible and can be used together. Cast iron is indestructible and so is very hard to harm, damage or break. Though it could equally cause harm to your air fryer.

Cast iron plates are safe to use in an air fryer due to the high temperatures they can withstand within the oven or on the stovetop. Though you may need to be careful how much food you put in the air fryer along with the cast iron as to not cause any damage to the air fryer.

In this article, I am going to talk about if you can use a cast iron plate in an air fryer, the possible dangers and what you should know before you get cooking.

Can You Use A Cast Iron Plate In An Air Fryer?

Cast iron is indestructible. Once the cast iron pan or pot has been seasoned and has a good gloss, it won’t get sticky. Why? Because you can use cast iron in an oven or stove; it can be safely used in an air fryer or Ninja Foodi. It is hotter than most pots and pans.

The only damage it may cause is to the air fryer itself from overheating or not letting the heat circulate properly putting more strain on the air fryer.

Is It Safe To Use A Cast Iron Plate In An Air Fryer?

Yes, it is safe to use cast iron plates in an air fryer. It will not break the plate or damage the air fryer as long as it’s properly used.

Cast iron products are very well made and made to withstand high heat and tough cooking so it is very likely to be able to withstand the heat temperatures of an air fryer.

How To Use A Cast Iron Plate In An Air Fryer

Step 1: Your New Cast Iron Plate

Cast iron cookware can be purchased from many different places. People who bought a piece of new cast iron from the store can say with certainty that it is clean and almost ready for use.

Although it looks dirty, it may still be rescued. Try to select parts that appear to be in good condition without cracks and large rust spots. As long as there are no problems that can be solved with elbow grease, that is a good thing.

Step 2: Clean the Cast Iron Plate

Before using it in the kitchen, all cast iron parts must be cleaned. New cast iron pieces are usually coated with a thin layer of wax to prevent them from rusting on the shelf. The items sold in the yard or at the flea market are also very dirty.

However, the first cleaning should be scrubbed clean. The reason for not using soap is simple-microscopically speaking, cast iron is very rough and has many gaps for soap to enter. It will stay in it, making the food like soap. When cleaning for the first time, please wash thoroughly to remove all wax, stale oil, and other accumulated dirt.

You can wipe off a little bit of rust until the rust is washed away. You can use a small piece of sandpaper or some type of rotating tool to wipe away the rust spots. But remember-bare metal spots are likely to rust quickly, so please be careful.

Step 3: The Seasoning

The natural seasoning is made by repeatedly using cast iron. Preheat the oven to about 350 degrees Fahrenheit. Too many things will stick to one piece and smoke in the oven. Put it upside down in the oven for 45 minutes, then turn it over for the last 15 minutes.

This should be done once, but it can be repeated every other time as it helps to consolidate the seasoning. Please be careful not to put cast iron blocks with wooden handles into the oven.

Step 4: Cooking on The Air Fryer

Cast iron parts can also be used for camping and cooking on the air fryer. The most popular is the Dutch oven or pan.

The pan can be placed on the hot coals of the campfire or top. Note that only a small amount of hot coal is used, as they are likely to produce higher cooking temperatures than household stoves.

A small part of American history-Lewis & Clarke marked their Dutch oven as the most important tool they brought with them during the expedition to Louisiana. It is also correct because the Dutch oven is very versatile. It can be placed directly on the hot coals of a campfire, or it can be hung on the fire like a cauldron. The lid of many Dutch ovens can be turned upside down, and the slightly recessed surface can be used as a pot.

Modern campers and backyard chefs don’t have to start a fire either because the charcoal block for a barbecue can be used to simulate hot coal and control the temperature more precisely.

After cooking, clean as easily as possible.

What Temperature Can You Use For A Cast Iron Plate In An Air Fryer?

As for the temperature, it will vary, but it is usually between 325- and 350-degrees Fahrenheit

There is a maximum temperature which is 350-degrees Fahrenheit.