Can You Microwave Pizza?

Available in different flavours, forms, and ingredients, pizza is one of the most popular meals in the world.

However, it sometimes arrives when cold, or you sometimes are busy with the kids eating meals on time.

Do you eat your pizza cold in such cases, or do you find a way of warming it?

Can you microwave pizza?

Yes, you can microwave pizza, but you have to be keen when doing so.

Warming a pizza in a microwave might seem simple, but there is more to it than meets the eye.

This guide should shed light on everything you need to know.

Tips on Warming Pizza in a Microwave

Before you can place your pizza in the microwave, consider the following factors:

Learn How Microwaves Work

Microwaves work differently from the traditional heating method. Pizzas can become soggy or dry when you microwave it using the wrong techniques.

A microwave (did you know you can ripen an Avocado in one?) heats food through radiation instead of heat.

The radiation travels through food molecules, which triggers the warming process.

If the heat gets to water molecules in the pizza, it can cause the pizza crust to become soggy (or you can eat your pizza cold).

The Ingredients

Usually, pizza consists of various types of delicate ingredients such as cheese, mushrooms, sauces, and spices.

When exposed to excessive heat, such as in a microwave, the taste of these ingredients will become stale.

Therefore, determine the elements before setting your pizza in the microwave.

The Temperature of the Pizza and Your Needs

In some cases, the pizza delivery guy does an excellent job of arriving while your meal still looks warm.

While the pizza is eatable in this state, some moms prefer it hot. You can still place it in the microwave, but keep track of the warming process.

Generally, a lukewarm pizza requires between 30 seconds and 1 minute to warm.

Warming takes up to 10 minutes if it is in a frozen state.

The Microwave Setting

Usually, microwaves are available in varying settings. You have to be cautious of these settings when warming your pizza.

The reason is that some microwave settings are suitable for larger meals, such as the turkey (which you can fry) you kept in the freezer.

However, the same temperature won’t be ideal for a small pizza. Check the microwave setting before warming your pizza.

How to Warm A Pizza

Warming a frozen pizza without losing its taste and shape is a challenging process for most moms. Follow the procedure below to get it right.

  • Place the pizza on a raised surface – do this to ensure the moisture inside the pizza does not cause it to get soggy or overly dry.
  • Control the heat and time – regulate the heat and time setting to ensure the pizza warms the right way.

Can You Warm a Pizza In The Microwave?

Yes. Warming your pizza is a simple process when you have the correct information.

While it’s possible to warm a pizza, you must consider its ingredients and the properties of the microwave for the best outcome.

Doing so ensures you and your family enjoy a high-quality pizza with all its taste, shape and warmth.