Can You Microwave Cookie Dough?

Most people love freshly baked cookies. The best cookies generally have a crunchy exterior and a chewy interior that melts in the mouth. But have you ever been short in time and wondered if you could microwave your cookie dough?

You can microwave cookie dough. However, it’s not recommended. Many name-brand cookie dough manufacturers don’t recommend putting their cookie dough in the microwave because they’re designed for baking in the oven. Microwaving cookie dough won’t yield the best texture or flavor. 

While it’s possible to make cookies in the microwave—and you won’t get sick from it—it’s best to avoid it because your cookies won’t taste as good, and the texture will likely be hard to chew. Microwaved cookies also take longer to cool than they do to cook, so if you can spare the extra few minutes to bake your cookies, it’s worth it. Keep reading to learn more.

You Can Microwave Cookie Dough

Microwaving cookie dough can be a great option if you’re short on time. The cookies cook in under a minute, so you don’t have to spend time preheating the oven or waiting several minutes for them to bake.

Microwaving cookie dough is also safer than consuming it raw because it’s fully cooked. So if you want cookies quickly but don’t feel like baking them, using the microwave is the way to go.

Cookies Made of Microwaved Cookie Dough Aren’t the Best

Sure, you can microwave cookie dough, and you’ll get cookies. But don’t expect the result to be phenomenal. The quality of the cookies won’t be as good as that of oven-baked cookies.

You see, the microwave cooks the dough from the inside out, so you’ll lose the soft and chewy interior that many people love. Cookies will also be highly flat if you make them in the microwave, and they’ll lose the flaky and crisp exterior that they get from baking in the oven.

Additionally, the cookie will be extremely hot on the inside, so you’ll need to let it cool before eating it. 

Because microwaves cook so quickly, be sure to observe your cookies so you don’t overcook them. You might need to adjust your cooking time so that you don’t ruin your cookies.

If you don’t mind the texture and need to make cookies quickly, using a microwave can be a reasonable solution. Microwaved cookies are edible and fully cooked, so consuming them is safe.

Consider microwaving cookie dough only if you have to, like when an oven is absent. 

It’s Best To Microwave Your Cookies for About 40 Seconds

You’ll want to microwave your cookies for around 40 seconds if you choose to prepare your cookies using a microwave. Microwaving your cookies for a full minute makes them too hard, but at approximately 40 seconds, the microwave will thoroughly cook your cookies.

Let the cookies sit for a few minutes after you microwave them. The cookies may not appear fully cooked directly after 40 seconds, but they’ll harden as they cool.

A Tall Mound of Dough Helps Make Microwaved Cookies Less Flat

Because the microwave cooks cookies so quickly, it’s best to use a tall mound of dough so they aren’t as flat. In an oven, it’s challenging for a tall dough ball to cook all the way. In the microwave, the taller the dough, the better.

Microwaving your cookies will make them extremely thin, so shape your dough into more towering balls to ensure you end up with a thicker cookie.

Final Thoughts

Microwaving cookie dough is a safe method for cooking them. However, it won’t yield the best cookies in terms of size and texture. Microwaving cookie dough is a reasonable solution if you’re in a rush. But if you can spare the extra time, it’s best to bake your cookies in the oven.