Can You Make Roti On A Crepe Maker?

Roti can be a change to make, but a crepe might make the job a little easier. Roti is a delicious unleavened bread that is made by combining stone-ground flour with water. Although it is commonly found in Indian cooking, many cultures all over the world eat Roti with their meals.

Finding the right piece of equipment will make it easier to have Roti whenever you want it. 

You can use a crepe maker to make Roti, and it is a great way to repurpose something you already have in the kitchen to make something delicious and tasty! Making Roti with a crepe maker is easy and straightforward, but there are a few things you need to know before you begin.

Making a food like Roti can be quite a journey no matter what you decide to cook it on. Keep reading to discover more tips and tricks to making Roti with a crepe maker and other useful information about the art of making Roti.

Absolutely! There is no reason you can’t use your crepe maker for cooking delicious Roti. In fact, many people prefer using a crepe maker to make tasty Roti. It is quicker and often simpler than other ways of making Roti. And crepe makers are easy to prep and clean.

Does the Type of Crepe Maker You Use Matter?

There are a couple of different types of crepe makers on the market. There is some that plug into the wall like this model, and others that you place directly on the stove. There are even some that are cordless for your convenience. 

When it comes to making Roti, you will have the best results with a griddle-style crepe maker that plugs into the wall. This style of crepe maker is the most stable and the easiest to make evenly spread Roti on. They also tend to come with a wooden roller that is very useful when making Roti.

The cordless model crepe maker will be very difficult to make Roti on simply because Roti dough is much heavier than your typical crepe batter. This doesn’t mean that you can’t do it. It just means that it may be more difficult to accomplish.

And the crepe makers that sit directly on the stove, some of which are called crepe pans, are not recommended when it comes to Roti making. 

How to Make Roti on a Crepe Maker

Just plug in your crepe maker and wait until the cooking surface it is hot enough to cook. Most crepe makers have an indicator light to show they are ready to cook. Then, place your Roti batter on the hot surface. If you want to use oil, you can, but generally, it is not needed to create Roti.

You will need to use a wooden roller to roll the dough so that it is spread evenly across the cooking surface.

If the Roti isn’t spread evenly, this will mess up the cooking times. You only need to cook the Roti for 30 to 45 seconds on each side until dark brown spots appear. Then you will remove the Roti from the crepe maker. 

Do You Need Additional Cookware to Make Roti on a Crepe Maker?

Besides just the crepe maker to make the Roti, you will also need a cooling rack to place the Roti on to finish cooking. Set up your cooling rack over one of your burners and turn the burner on to high heat.

Once you finish the above step with the crepe maker, place your Roti on the cooling rack until the dough gets puffy.

When the dough gets puffy on one side, you’ll want to flip it over and let the other side cook for 10-15 seconds. For best results, you will want to serve the Roti while it is hot.

Best Roti Dough to Use on a Crepe Maker

In addition to having several different types of crepe makers to choose from, there are also a few different ways to make Roti dough. Historically, Roti is made with atta flour, but that can be hard to come by in some countries. For an easy Roti recipe, just mix whole wheat flour with water.

The flour and water need to be mixed in a 2 to 1 ratio. This means for every two parts of flour. You will need one part of the water. It’s recommended that you start with one cup of flour and one-half cup of water and mix the two together until the mixture has a chunky consistency.

You will need to knead the dough until it becomes soft, then let it chill in the fridge for 15 minutes. After the dough has chilled, please remove it from the fridge and break off smaller pieces. These smaller pieces can be rolled into balls, then flattened to make the sphere shape.

Don’t worry if the first Roti you make isn’t perfectly round. This is a practice that takes many years to master. And even if your Roti is lopsided or weirdly shaped, it will still taste delicious.

How to Serve Roti 

Roti goes perfectly with any sort of curry or other Indian dishes. Its flat design is perfect for scooping up extra sauce off your plate. It is also often paired with a fish, meat, and many different types of vegetables.

Although Roti is often associated with Indian cooking, it can also frequently be found paired with African dishes. So don’t be afraid to pull out the Roti to go alongside a nice Freekeh or crispy rack of goat ribs. You can even pair your Roti with a spicy chicken tortilla soup.

Roti is extremely versatile, and even if you aren’t looking to cook a large meal, you can eat it by itself as a snack. Some cooks recommend pairing it with a little butter, but honestly, it can be delicious, even plain!

And in some cultures, they will top Roti with bananas, cream, and chocolate syrup to create a tasty dessert.

Are There Other Ways to Make Roti?

Maybe you have read this far and realized that the crepe maker you have wouldn’t work to make Roti. Or maybe you don’t have a crepe maker. Well, don’t fret because there are a couple of other ways you can still make Roti from cookware that you have lying around your kitchen.

The most popular way to make Roti is by using a tortilla press. Tortilla presses are strong, durable, and they can help you get the round Roti shape just right. It’s best if you make Roti on a cast iron tortilla press, but an electric one will work too.

You can also use a bread maker to make Roti. As weird as this sounds, it is actually quite easy.

You will just need to make your Roti dough, roll it out into the shapes you want, then stack it and place it in your bread maker. The cool thing about using a bread maker for your Roti is that most of them also have a function to keep the Roti warm.

If you don’t have any power, you can still make Roti. In fact, Roti was originally designed to be cooked over the open flame. You will just need a stone hearth next to the fire on which to place the Roti.

You can also place a cooking rack directly above the flame and cook the Roti that way. Just be cautious cooking Roti in this manner because it can be hard to control the size and height of the flames!


Whether you just discovered the magical taste of Roti, or if you’ve been making it for years, making Roti on a crepe maker can be easy and convenient. Just ensure that you are using a griddle-style crepe maker and the proper dough, and you will be ready to create tons of tasty Roti.

Whether you serve your Roti with delicious curry or maybe a nice beef dish, your guests are sure to be raving about your amazing Roti for years to come!