Can You Have Barbacoa When Pregnant?

Yes. Indeed, barbacoa is a source of nutrients like vitamins, proteins, and other essential minerals you need during pregnancy.

As long as the barbacoa is carefully prepared and cooked thoroughly, you can comfortably take barbacoa during pregnancy.

However, it’s essential to avoid raw meat as it may contain harmful bacteria that affect the unborn baby’s health.

Additionally, I advise that you extend barbacoa grilling time. Cooking meals at high temperatures helps eliminate harmful bacteria like salmonella, listeria, E. coli, and several other food poisoning bacteria.

What are the Pros of Eating Barbacoa During Pregnancy?

Excellent Source of Vitamins, Proteins, and Minerals

Barbacoa is a famous dish. In addition to being delectable, barbacoa is an excellent source of good protein for your body.

It is worth noting that baked meat holds the nutritional components your body requires.

Additionally, meat’s protein content helps stabilise body tissues and the formation of new cells. Barbacoa also contains extra minerals and vitamins that aid in developing the fetus.

For instance, the magnesium, iron, and fibre in grilled vegetables can help avoid constipation, cramps, and anaemia.

It Regulates Weight Issues

If you are pregnant, you need to provide your body with a sufficient amount of fat:

It shouldn’t be too little or excessive because excessive fat may put you at risk during labour. Also, it makes it hard to regain physical fitness after delivery.

Luckily, barbacoa eliminates large amounts of fat during grilling, meaning the absorbed portion is minimal.

As you can see, barbacoa can help you maintain a healthy weight and still get a sufficient supply of minerals, vitamins, and proteins.

Barbacoa is a Visually Appealing Dish

Barbacoa helps you eat delectably as you can add a new flavour to your meal. It is a fact that eating nutritious meals offers you the ideal nutrients that help promote the unborn child’s development and health.

Overall, I believe you can safely consume barbacoa during pregnancy. However, there are tips you need to consider to have safe barbacoa.

  • Carefully store raw meat in the fridge to avoid its juices and marinade dripping onto other food.
  • During barbacoa preparation, separate raw meat from the foods that don’t need cooking, like salads and bread rolls.
  • Use separate utensils for cooked and raw meat
  • You should completely thaw frozen food before cooking it.
  • Cook the meat until piping hot, and ensure that no juice runs from the meat.
  • The safest option entails cooking meat in the oven and then taking it on the barbecue. This way, you rest assured the barbacoa is thoroughly cooked.
  • Avoid using sauce or marinade on cooked barbecued food if you already used it on raw meat.
  • Eat the barbacoa immediately after cooking and avoid leaving it out in the sun. The leftovers should be stored in the fridge or thrown away if you suspect they are unsafe for human consumption.

Although barbacoa offers countless benefits to pregnant women, excessive consumption may result in unforeseen issues.

What are the Cons of Consuming Excessive Barbacoa?

When you cook foods over a gas flame, a stable glycinate component that gives attractive food colours may enter your muscles, tissues, cells, and blood vessels.

This component is dangerous as it may disrupt the standard organisation of healthy tissue.

In the worst-case scenario, it can result in neurological, joint, and cardiovascular diseases.

Also, grilling meat directly over charcoal is hazardous to your overall wellbeing. Several studies indicate that grilling fish or meat over charcoal makes the fat flow through the burning embers.

In the process, they form polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon molecules that become toxic once they reach the liver. If this poison gets into the intestines, the development of cancer increases.

It is, therefore, essential for pregnant mothers to be cautious when consuming barbacoa. If possible, consume barbacoa moderately and always make healthy meal decisions.

How to Eat Barbacoa Without Endangering the Life of the Unborn

Use a Sauce

Using sauce lowers the amount of fat dripping down the dish. Also, if you plan to season your barbacoa with vinegar and lemon, ensure it takes a little longer so that the spices dissolve entirely.

Serve Barbacoa with Vegetables

Pregnant mothers are susceptible to indigestion and gas. If you regularly consume barbacoa, you make it more challenging for your body to digest.

Due to this, it’s essential to pair barbacoa with vegetables to lessen bloating and increase fibre.

What’s more, pregnant women need to eat well-processed, clean vegetables and avoid raw vegetables.

Avoid Excessive Consumption of Alcoholic and Carbonated Beverages

Most people who eat barbacoa also take alcohol or a carbonated beverage to boost the meal’s flavour.

If you are pregnant, you should substitute these drinks with juice or a smoothie.

Limit Your Barbacoa Consumption

Barbacoa has high cholesterol and calories than other meals. Therefore, you should limit your intake to a few pieces.

Is Barbacoa Safe for Pregnant Women?

Yes, you can safely consume barbacoa during pregnancy, provided it’s well prepared and thoroughly cooked.