Boozy Marshmallow-White Hot Chocolate Recipe

Ever tried the Boozy White Hot Chocolate with some Marshmallow toppings? Well, I have a sweet treat for you today.

You will be glad to learn about the Boozy Marshmallow White Hot Chocolate recipe, especially for the holidays.

Boozy White Hot Chocolate is delicious, just as it sounds.

Getting the best quality of chocolate is recommended, especially if you don’t like to eat regular milk or dark chocolate.

Getting a giant mug full of warm hot chocolate is the perfect solution, especially for a cold season.

The warm chocolate is always spiked with some booze to beat the dropping temperatures.

Your regular hot chocolate routine needs to be spiced up with Boozy White Chocolate, and it’s the right solution to get the extra warmth needed.

To make the best Boozy Marshmallow-White Hot Chocolate, it’s paramount to master a few tips and tricks such as; ensure you use quality chocolate chips, topping the Boozy White Hot Chocolate with marshmallows.

There are a few ingredients and thus, using white chocolate of good quality is paramount. I would recommend you use Ghirardelli or Guittard white chocolate chips.

It’s not a must to make Boozy Marshmallow-White Hot Chocolate with the coffee flavor; other options you can consider are; Vanilla vodka, baileys, bourbon, rum, and amaretto.

You’ll discover the liquor you select will work perfectly with white chocolate.

You can make the recipe in a crook pot if need be. Just make sure to follow the recipe and stir constantly.

Besides, you can make the recipe either alcoholic or non-alcoholic, and that depends on your taste and preference.

Adults can enjoy liqueur, but consider coffee if it’s meant for the whole family.

In case you serve the drink and there are leftovers, you can store it in a lidded container and then refrigerate. You can store the leftover for approximately four days.

If you need to reheat, ensure you constantly stir for the chocolate to redistribute.

The Boozy Marshmallow-White Hot Chocolate recipe is an excellent way to put a smile on a child. A huge Boozy White Hot Chocolate mug will definitely make a happy holiday for the kids.

Equipment Needed For Boozy Marshmallow-White Hot Chocolate Recipe

  • Whisk
  • Saucepan

Ingredients Needed For Boozy Marshmallow-White Hot Chocolate

  • Milk
  • White chocolate chips
  • Marshmallows
  • Vanilla
  • Coffee liqueur

Boozy Marshmallow-White Hot Chocolate Recipe

  • Add the whole milk and chocolate chips into a saucepan. To ensure chocolate chips are melted, medium-low heat should be used.
    Use the whisk to stir constantly until the mixture starts to bubble gently, and then take off the heat.
    Add vanilla and coffee liqueur. Stir the combination using the whisk until the mixture has been fully incorporated.
    Serve the Boozy White Hot Chocolate into a large mug or glass and top with Marshmallow.

How To Make Boozy Marshmallow-White Hot Chocolate

Thank you for taking the time to read through this recipe. It’s easy to prepare the recipe, and it won’t disappoint, especially if you need a delicious drink for the cold weather.