Best Knives to Cut Bagels

As my family loves bagels, I took time to find the right knife to obtain a perfect cut every time.

It is clear that a ‘serrated edge’ blade is essential for successful cutting of bagels.

Below I will outline my findings when searching for ‘the best knife to cut bagels’.

I offer a number of suggestions on which are the best knives to cut bagels below…


This is a premium product and carries a premium price tag. However, due to its ice-hardened, stainless-steel, serrated blade it will provide pefect peformance on every occasion.

What the Miyabi can do

The 9 inch blade is of the perfect size for cutting bagels and will retain its fine edge over a long period of time, if treated with respect during its use.

The pakkawood handle provides a comfortable grip and adds to the ‘high-end’ look of this superbe piece of Japanese craftsmanship.

This knife is ideal for cutting bagels and baguettes but the 9inch blade means it may not be suitable for cutting larger bread loaves.

I consider this Miyabi knife to be at the summit of the list when searching for a top quality knife to cut bagels.

The high price may be seen as an issue though you should consider the quality and potential longevity of this ‘professional’ grade product prior to making a purchasing decision.


The Misen serrated knife is another high quality product which is offered at a much lower price than the previous example.

What the Misen can do

The blade is forged from Japanese steel and is 9.5 inches in length. The handle is available in a number of colors and the knife is blessed with perfect balance.

I found the handle to be easy to grip and it provided great leverage when cutting through bakery items with a tougher outer crust.

This knife is a very stylishly designed product which will enhance any kitchen but is not just ‘a pretty face’, it will provide top quality service over many years if it is taken care of properly.

From a practical point of view, taking into account the style, quality, price and the potential useful life of this product, the Misen offers a very good option when seeking a bagel knife.

Perhaps the most stylish of the knives considered here, it is by no means lacking in practicallity.


The Winco offset breadknife provides a more affordable option when considering the purchase of a knife to cut bagels.

What the Winco can do

The blade is manufactured from German, high-carbon stainless-steel to provide a high quality cutting edge. The 8 inch blade is ideal for cutting smaller bakery items such as bagels.

The handle is made from plastic and complements the offset blade design. The design of the blade is not for cosmetic reasons.

The offset design provides for a stronger leverage when cutting smaller, harder-crust baker items such as bagels and baguettes. I consider this knife to be a very useful product which is offered at a price which ‘will not break the bank’.

Despite its budget price, the quality of this product is very high and I expect that purchasers will not be disappointed with its performance.

So, what’s the best knife to cut bagels?

The three knives considered all have many positives going for them, be it the quality of the product, its style or its price. Here are my choices:

  • Miyabi
  • Misen
  • Winco

The Miyabi provides the best overall quality, style and potential longevity.A potential choice if the price is not a consideration.

The Misen provides a perfect ‘middle-of-the-road’ solution by providing a high quality product at a more affordable price.

When the budget is of great importance, the Winco provides a great solution by being a quality product at a very reasonable price.

Each of these bagel knives will provide a good solution for your kitchen. Ultimately the decision of which of them to purchase will come down to how much you wish to spend.

In the case of money being of secondary consideration, I would chose to buy the Miyabi.

My reason for this purchase would be due to the high quality Japanese blade, the quality of the materials used and the expectation of its longevity.

The Misen provides a very good quality product at lower price and would therefore be my second choice.

The Windo should not be discounted just because of its lower price. The quality of the blade makes it a very able piece of equipment for the kitchen.

The ultimate choice is down to the individual. However, the old adage ‘you get what you pay for’ remains valid.