3 Best Jero Knife Sets For Butchering

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When choosing a knife set for butchering, there are many reasons to choose Jero.

They are a leading manufacturer of high quality cutlery for meat processing and for the food service industry in general.

Jero is one of Portugal's oldest and most respected knife manufacturers, having started in 1983.

Jero was founded by Antonio Jorge and Antonio Ramalho, who both had decades of experience in cutlery and meat processing.

Their factories are all located in Portugal, and their production team are highly skilled and experienced.

They use modern design and the finest materials to produce top quality products to be used professionally, commercially or in the home.

All their blades are made from stainless steel for durability and strength. 

Not only are Jero products affordable, but they also come with a lifetime guarantee against defects in material and workmanship when used as designed.

This means that you can purchase a Jero knife set safe in the knowledge that it has been built to last, and the manufacturer has faith in the quality of their product. 

Once you have decided to purchase your butchering knife set from Jero, it can still be difficult to choose which knife set is best for you.

There are different sets available with a combination of the various types of knives, all designed for different aspects of meat processing.

To make this choice easier for you, I have put together a list of the best Jero knife sets for butchering, and provided some information on how to choose the right set for you. 

I have also answered some common questions about the different knives used for processing meat. 

Product Reviews


The Jero TR series butcher knife set includes a 10 inch cimeter knife, an 8 inch breaking knife, a 6 inch curved boning knife, and a mundial sharpening steel.

The knife blades are made from high carbon stainless steel, which makes them durable and resistant to rust.

The soft traction grip handles are dual injected molded on the inner and outer layer to provide strength.

The soft grip surface stops the knife from slipping from your hands, reducing the chance of an injury. 

The red and black design of these knives is very sleek and they would make an excellent addition to any kitchen.

The TR series is the result of many years of research, working alongside butchers to see what they need out of a knife set. 

These excellent quality knives are easy to re sharpen and will last for a long time, making them a welcome addition to any kitchen.


  • 3 different knives

  • Sharpening tool

  • Soft grip handles


  • No storage pouch or bag
  • No butcher knife included


The Jero P3 Series Butcher Set includes a 10 inch cimeter, an 8 inch breaking knife, a 6 inch curved boning knife, and a high quality sharpening steel.

The blades are made from German High-Carbon Stainless Steel to provide strength and ensure a  longer edge life. 

The handles are made from impact and temperature resistant polymers that are molded onto the end of the knife.

The longer tang inside the handle provides additional strength and balance, reducing the likelihood of you slipping and injuring yourself.

The edge of the knife is sharp and reliable for processing meat.

The handle allows for a variety of hand positions so it is comfortable to use. 

The P3 Series was designed as an affordable but top quality line of knives for the meat processing industry.

The knives were made to fit into flat scabbards used by butchers and line workers.

These knives will not disappoint you when it comes to processing meat. 


  • 3 different knives

  • Sharpening tool 

  • Impact and Temperature resistant handles


  • No storage pouch or bag

  • No butcher knife included


The Jero 3 piece Pro butcher meat processing set includes a Set includes a 7 inch narrow blade butcher and trim knife, a 6 inch skinner, and a 5 inch curved stiff boning knife.

The blades are made from durable German High-Carbon Stainless Steel.

The handle has a low profile to fit easily into scabbards, and has a lightly textured surface to provide more traction and grip. 

This is a great set for anyone who is working with a carcass.

The butcher knife can be used to cut through bone and also for trimming and slicing.

The skinner knife can remove skin, and the boning knife will make light work of removing the meat from the bone. 


  • 3 different knives 

  • Low profile design

  • textured grip handle


  • No sharpening tool
  • No Cimeter knife 

  • No storage bag or pouch


The Jero Pro Grade Butcher Knife set includes a 6 Inch skinning knife, a 6 Inch boning knife, and a 5 Inch Boning Knife.

The blades are made from high carbon German stainless steel.

The handles are made from temperature and impact resistant molded polymer for durability.  

The handle is designed to be ideal for meat processing, with easy grip and mobility.

The knives will  fit easily into most scabbards, making them ideal for people who wear scabbards around the kitchen. 


  • 3 different knives

  • impact and temperature resistant handles

  • low profile design


  • No sharpening tool 

  • No Cimeter or butcher knife

  • No storage bag or pouch


The Jero TR Series 3 piece kitchen set includes a 10 inch chef’s knife, a 7 inch butchers knife,  and a 5 inch straight boning knife.

The textured handles are designed to provide extra grip and traction, and are molded on for strength and stability.

The handle is ergonomically designed to fit the hand during various working positions.

The blades are extra durable as they are made from high carbon German stainless steel. 

This set is ideal for people who work with a lot of wet, slippery meat and don’t want the knife to slip out of their hands.


  • 3 different knives
  • Textured handles for grip 

  • Durable 


  • No sharpening tool
  • No storage pouch or bag

  • No Cimeter knife


No products found.

The Jero Whiteout series 3 pieces kitchen starter set includes a 10 inch cimeter knife, a 7 inch narrow butcher knife and a 12 inch sharpening tool.

The easy clean handles are white which looks very modern and sleek, and they make it easy to check whether your knife is 100% clean.

The polished sharpening steel is great for quickly getting your knife edges super sharp in no time.

The injected polymer handles are built to last.

Whilst this set is designed with a domestic client in mind, it uses all the same top quality materials as the commercial and professional sets.

This set is ideal for beginners and will make processing meat much easier. 


  • Sharpening tool
  • easy clean handles 

  • good for beginners


  • Only 2 different knives

  • No boning knife 

  • No Chef’s knife


The Jero 4 piece smoked meat and grilling knife set comes with a 6 inch boning knife, a 4 inch utility knife, and the exclusive wide Blade granton edge slicer.

A soft sided knife roll is also included for easy storage, with velcro straps to keep it closed. .

The exclusive hollow edge slicer has a sharpened serrated edge, allowing it to cut smoothly without tearing the meat.

The concavo sides help to reduce friction.

It was designed for restaurants that needed a sharp slicing tool, but didn’t have staff experienced and skilled enough to keep a knife sharp.

The boning knife and the utility knife have soft grip handles, whereas the slicer has a hard polymer handle.

All the blades are made from high carbon German stainless steel.

This set has been designed and tested with the help of BBQ restaurants to ensure it is fit for purpose, and has even been used in cooking competitions.


  • 3 different knives

  • Exclusive slicer knife

  • Knife roll for storage 


  • No sharpening tool 

  • No butchers knife

  • No chefs knife 


The Jero 4 inch paring knives come in a pack of 6.

They have a spear point blade made from high carbon German stainless steel.

The chef style handle is made from molded polymer which is both temperature and impact resistant.

This knife is ideal for smaller kitchen jobs and will not need to be sharpened often. 


  • Good value
  • 6 knives 

  • impact and temperature resistant handles


  • only one type of knife

  • no storage pouch or bag

  • no sharpening tool


The Pro 4 Series boning knife set comes with a 6 inch curved stiff blade boning knife, a 5 inch curved stiff blade boning knife, a 6 inch curved semi-flex boning knife, a 5 inch curved semi-flex boning knife, a 4 inch spear point small trim, and professional poultry shears. 

This set comes nicely presented as a gift set.

All items have ergonomically designed handles and high quality stainless steel blades.

From beef to chicken, this boning set has everything you need to prepare and process your meat.

The poultry shears are heavy-duty and dishwasher safe, and are great for helping to  break down poultry or other small animals. 


  • 5 knives

  • poultry shears

  • nice presentation 


  • No butchers knife

  • No chef’s knife

  • No sharpening tool 


The Jero Pro Series TR 3 pieces butcher Set includes an 8 inch breaking knife, a 5 inch curved boning knife and a 5.5 inch deer skinner knife.

All three knives have soft grip handles for extra comfort and control, and German high carbon stainless steel blades for strength and durability.

They would make an excellent addition to any kitchen. 


  • 3 different knives

  • specific deer skinner knife

  • soft grip handles


  • No sharpening tool 

  • No storage pouch or bag 

  • No butchers knife

Buyer’s Guide

As you can see, Jero produces a wide range of knives which are all useful when it comes to processing meat.

Now that you know which Jero knife sets are available, how do you choose which set is best for you?

I have provided some advice on how to pick the knife set that will most suit your needs. 

The most important thing to consider is what specific activities you will need the knives for.

If you plan on doing a lot of slicing, then choose a set that includes a cimeter knife to help you slice the meat into neat portionas.

If you are going to be breaking down meat carcasses then you will need a breaking knife.

If you will need to work between the joints of the carcass to retrieve meat then you will benefit from having a boning knife. 

Some knives have soft grip handles whereas others have hard, molded polymer handles.

Soft grip handles are great for keeping traction when you have wet hands, so if you work with a lot of blood this is something to consider.

However, the polymer handles are more durable. Plastic handles are also easier to clean and to wipe down after use. 

If you wear a scabbard then make sure you choose knives with handles that will fit into it, to make it easier for you to keep them close to hand.

Some knife sets also come with a knife roll for storage and portability which is something to consider if you need to take your own knives with you to work. 

Think about the tang of the knife.

Knives that feature a full tang, where the blade runs all the way through the handle, are usually better balanced and feel heavier in the hand. 

Having a well balanced knife gives you more control, and usually leads to better results.

Handles that are ergonomically designed will also improve your technique and results when it comes to processing meat. 

Consider the size of the meat you will be working with.

Smaller animals like birds will require the use of smaller knives to get into the difficult to reach areas.

If you are working with venison, you will need larger knives.

Smaller knives are good for working around bone, whereas larger knives are good for removing large pieces of skin in one go.

Consider the job you need to do and choose the knife most suited to it. 

You also need to think about the flexibility of the blade. Butcher’s knives have a thick, study blade for touch chopping.

Boning knives or filleting knives have a thinner, more flexible blade so they can bend around bone to retrieve all of the meat. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Buy A Set Of Knives Instead Of A Single Knife? 

You might look at a knife set and think that you won’t need to use them all, but this is not the case.

Each knife is designed differently to be suited to a certain aspect of meat processing.

Using the wrong knife will stop you achieving the results that you want and will make the task much harder than it needs to be.

That’s why it is recommended to buy a knife set rather than one individual knife that you will use for every task. 

Can I Put Together My Own Knife Set?

You do have the option of purchasing individual knives to build up your own custom knife set.

However, this is often much more expensive.

When you buy a set, you get a much better deal and more value for your money.

You also only have to pay shipping on one item, rather than paying any delivery fees for each individual knife. 

What Are The Different Types Of Knives Used For?

There are different types of knives, all designed for the various stages and elements of processing meat.

It is important to use the right knife for the job to get the best results, and make the process easier for you.

The cimeter is used for breaking down larger portions of meat, or cutting up steaks.

The curved design is ideal for slicing through meats cleanly, and also allows for a rocking motion to help with chopping and dicing.

Use it to slice the meat into portions.

The breaking knife helps with breaking down carcasses, but it also works well for trimming and slicing meat.

The curved boning knife is very popular as the curved blade works well for trimming, and slicing, as being able to bone out some meat or work between the joints of carcasses.

The boning knife is one of the most popular knives used in meat processing as they can also be used for skinning deer, trimming meat, peeling fruits and vegetables, or filleting fish.

The butcher knife's narrow profile makes it a great multi-purpose knife which can be used for slicing, dicing, chopping, and trimming. 

Why Are Molded Polymer Handles Important?

Traditional knives often have wooden handles.

More modern knives have molded polymer handles- but why is this better? 

Polymer sheds water and fat, which is ideal when you are working with slippery meat and getting blood or cooked meat juices on your hands.

Polymer is also impact and temperature resistant, so the handle will withstand the kitchen environment.

Wooden handles can wear down over time and become rough.

They need to be maintained with oils to keep them in good condition, whereas polymer requires no maintenance other than basic cleaning.

Polymer does not harbour moisture or bacteria, so it is more hygienic than wood for cooking utensils and cutlery.

Some knife manufacturers purchase cheap, pre-made plastic handles and stick them on to a small piece of metal that juts off the blade.

Jero builds the handle directly onto the tang and blade, creating a single piece.

This makes the knife stronger, sturdier, and better balanced.