Are Traeger Grills Dual Voltage?

Traeger grills are fast becoming popular all over the world, due to the increase in grill lovers. From grilling, baking to BBQing, and more, there is a lot the Traeger grills can do. But what is the electrical cost to run it? 

This is one of the important questions asked by consumers and intending buyers. Knowing the energy consumption of your appliances is important to aid proper planning. More so, to help you make informed choices when buying new appliances. 

From thorough research and experience, we have found an answer to the popular question most Traeger intending users want to know, which is: are Traeger grills dual voltage? Here’s what we found out: 

Even though Traeger grills come in different models and sizes, all Traeger grills operate on a single voltage. It runs on 110 volt AC 60hz power only. Including the ones used in countries that operate appliances on dual voltage. 

It is widely known that homes in the US are wired to run on single voltage while the UK and other parts of the world mostly run dual voltage. So how do Traeger users whose houses are wired to run dual voltage cope? Well, read further to find out. 

Can Dual Voltage House Wiring Power it? 

Plugging a Traeger grill directly on an electrical outlet wired to operate on dual voltage will damage it.  While a Traeger operates on single voltage, here are few ways electrical outlets wired to run dual voltages power it. 

  1. Through an inverter

There are inverters sold in electrical shops (online/offline), that can power a Traeger grill. The inverter comes with a suitable battery ranging from 300 watts upwards. 

Note: Traeger grills draw about 280 to 300 watts to ignite before it steps down for continuous 30 watts operation. 

Inverters below these watts cannot power a Traeger grill. 

  1. Through a Voltage Converter or Transformer

Knowing the minimum watts it takes to get a Traeger grill started will determine the type of transformers to buy. 

Will these transformers or voltage converters make it dual voltage? 

Well, No. Traegers operate only on a single voltage. A transformer or voltage converter can help you step down or step up the electrical need of an appliance. 

For this to work, you need to look out for converters that complement the electrical need of your Traeger. 

It is important to note the exact or highest watts the Traeger is drawing. This should be your guide when purchasing transformers/converters. 

  1. Electrical Wiring

Switching up a dual voltage electrical outlet to power Traeger will help get it working. However, this should be done by experts/electricians who are specialized in alternating electrical wiring. 

Traegers benefit extensively with high watts for ignition. So it’s important to operate it directly on an outlet. If you choose to opt for an extension cord, endeavor to check the gauge. Go for a smaller gauge number, avoid 16 to 18 gauge (12 is ideal). 

While this may restrict portability, an inverter, transformer or converter can help you when there is a need to move the Traeger grill.

Can You Get Traeger Grills That Are Dual Voltage?

The task of assessing the voltage of different Traeger grills doesn’t get much easier, especially when the intended buyer is used to dual voltage appliances. 

If you are already in the market to purchase a Traeger grill, or you are yet to make an informed decision and checking to know if you can get Traeger grills that are dual voltage.

Here is what we found out from the manufacturers of Traeger grills: 

Traegers operate in 110 volt AC 60hz only. You cannot get a Traeger grill with dual voltage. However, Traeger grill users with dual wiring use a Traeger grill with a complementing converter. 

The ones that operate on dual wired houses are a result of altered electrical wiring done by an expert. 

How Traeger Grills Use Single Voltage

Any device labeled as 110V AC or 120V AC is a single voltage device. Traegers are 110V AC and operate on electrical outlets that are wired for 110V AC. While it operates continuously on a low watt, it requires 300 watts to ignite.

This is usual with many single voltage appliances, as they need to generate high heat to get started or for continuous operation. 

Can I Transform A Traeger Grill To Operate As A Dual Voltage Grill?

Altering the components of a Traeger grill will alter its functionality. Aside from the aforementioned ways to power a Traeger grill, you cannot transform the components nor alter the wiring of a Traeger grill. It is against the manufacturer’s instructions and it can damage your Traeger grill. 

What About The Ones Sold In The UK? 

They’ve been speculations about European-made Traegers with dual voltage. While this MIGHT be true, there is no evidence from the Traeger team. According to Traeger manufacturers: 

“Traegers are built to operate as a single voltage” 

However, they sell cords, extensions, and inverters that can make a Traeger grill work on dual voltage wiring. 

Evidence of its Single Voltage Operation

From experience and research, here are few ways to prove Traegers are built to operate as a single voltage: 

  • Manual

Most electric Traeger grill models(with different manuals), clearly states the watts and voltage it operates with. The common voltage with all of them is 110V AC, meaning it’s a single voltage electric grill.

  • Customer Reviews

From reviews of many Traeger grill users, the Traeger grills they review all operate as a single voltage appliance. Even though 10% of these reviews say there is a European dual voltage version, there is yet to be a review on it.