Are Expensive Fridges Really Worth Buying?

Kitchens are the lifeblood of every home, and most homeowners want that “wow” factor that can complement their changing lifestyle. Getting a luxury fridge placed in the kitchen might seem enticing, but are they better than regular fridges? Are expensive fridges worth purchasing?

Expensive fridges are worth buying. An expensive fridge is a good investment known to add value and aesthetic beauty to a home. They also come with different designs, allowing customization to meet particular kitchen needs and styles.

Above all, expensive fridges perform better and last longer than their cheaper counterparts. The first advantage one can ever think of when buying a luxury refrigerator is the style and design it comes with. You have more style options with expensive fridges, when compared to cheap ones.

Have you ever heard about the built-in, side-by-side, or French door fridges? How about the rustic and the stainless steel finishes? These are a few styles and designs featured on expensive fridges.

Expensive fridges are also more durable than those on a budget, saving you money in the long run. Their components are more advanced to give them that long-lasting feature, hence a worthwhile investment.

They also have more advanced features to take the owner’s cooling and freezing experience to a whole new level. These features include icemakers, water dispensers, and adjustable temperature control. It’s hard to find advanced features in an ordinary fridge.

And even though a cheaper fridge will still keep your food cold, expensive and luxury fridges perform better. That is true, considering their advanced features and the intelligent engineering used in making them.

Overall, if you have the means and money to buy an expensive fridge, it’s all worth it due to its advantages. I made sure to include everything you need to know to choose between these two options in the article below. Here’s all the differences that you should consider!

What Is the Difference Between Expensive Fridges and Normal Fridges?

The difference between expensive fridges and normal fridges is the cost. Luxury fridges cost much higher than the regular fridges in the market, but for a good reason. Expensive fridges also have better design, technology, performances, and features.

Knowing the differences between expensive and regular fridges is paramount when shopping for refrigerators.

Pricey and budget fridges differ on these factors:

  • Cost
  • Design
  • Performance
  • Features

Luxury Fridges Are Pricey

There is no doubt that luxury fridges are way pricier than the normal ones, but what makes them too costly? Mainly, the superior construction and technology used in designing these fridges account for their high cost.

Expensive fridges are also more energy-efficient than regular fridges due to the advanced technology. In return, owners of costly fridges incur lower utility costs than those with typical fridges.

Most manufacturers of expensive refrigerators will first test them to ensure clients get what they are paying for before distribution.

All these benefits put together are what make expensive fridges more costly.

Expensive Fridges Have Better Designs

Looking at the designs of expensive and standard fridges, one notices a huge difference in design right away. With expensive fridges, you get an option between built-in and counter-depth. So, depending on your taste and preference, these fridges can be broader and taller.

Still, expensive fridges come with modern artistic and high-end materials, making them look more attractive in the kitchen.

Luxury Fridges Have Advanced Features and Perform Better

Although most normal fridges will work to cool and preserve food, expensive fridges perform much better. The more advanced technology found on costly fridges will make their job easier in the kitchen.

Dual compressors, evaporators, controlled temperature drawers, quality door seals, and other features are in expensive fridges to ensure perfect food preservation. Many also come with an  ENERGY STAR® certified sticker, showing that the fridge meets stricter standards for energy efficiency, saving the owner money over time.

Do Expensive Fridges Last Longer?

Expensive fridges generally last longer than cheaper ones. Before they are released on the market, manufacturers ensure they undergo rigorous testing to guarantee their longevity. Besides that, these fridges use high-end parts that keep them in perfect shape for much longer.

On average, fridges last for 10 years, but expensive fridges can serve you much longer. The engineering, parts used, and rigorous testing make expensive fridges durable. Keep in mind that the longevity of fridges is also dependent on maintenance and proper care.

If you don’t take proper care of that expensive fridge in your kitchen, the chances are that it can break down even before the manufacturer’s period elapses.

Here’s what to do to ensure your expensive fridge lasts much longer than expected:

Clean Condenser Coils Every Six Months

Cleaning the fridge’s condenser coils every six months ensures the fridge keeps functioning for a more extended period.

Condenser coils are usually below the fridge, where they attract dirt, dust, and every kind of debris. If this debris build-up over time, it affects the fridge’s ability to work perfectly.

Don’t Store Things on Top of the Fridge

A fridge needs good airflow to continue operating to its optimum. However, storing things atop the refrigerator makes it hard or impossible for heat to dissipate, reducing its lifespan.

Perhaps your expensive fridge is shorter, so you have cabinets built over it for storage. If that’s the case, ensure there’s some space between the fridge’s top and the cabinets to allow enough airflow. 

Clean and Lubricate the Fridge’s Door Gaskets/Seals

The door gaskets must be in good shape to ensure the cold air doesn’t escape. Since food and water can always spill inside the fridge, they can interfere with the seals leaving the fridge doors loose. The best thing is to remove any spillage, then lubricate all the seals.

Clean the Interior Vents

The interior vents circulate cold air equally throughout the fridge. But debris like food, liquid spills, and dirt can easily block them, making it impossible for the whole fridge to receive cool air. And before you know it, the entire fridge is damaged!

Use a clean rag dipped in water to remove any dirt on the vents to avoid such an unfortunate situation.

Regularly Change the Water Dispenser

A dirty water filter can permanently damage the fridge’s ice maker and water dispenser. Changing it regularly also means that you get to drink clean and bacteria-free water. Both expensive and inexpensive fridges can come with a water dispenser that requires regular changing.

However, an expensive fridge will likely come with pricier filters for the dispenser. Since it’s a recurring cost, you’ll need to be ready to commit to it! Most filters need changing two times a year. 

Are Expensive Fridges Better Than Non-Expensive Fridges?

Expensive fridges are better than non-expensive fridges because of their features. Pricey fridges come with modern styles and designs, offer more space and good organization inside, are customizable, and last longer than non-expensive fridges.

The mention of expensive fridges brings two types in mind, the built-in fridges and French door fridges. French door fridges are famously known to offer more storage space and good organization, excellent food preservation, and easier access to items. 

On the other hand, built-in fridges give one precisely what they want for their kitchen cabinets in terms of design. Although, this makes built-in fridges much more expensive than standard ones.

These two fridges aren’t your ordinary non-expensive fridges. They possess unique and smart features absent in non-expensive fridges. 

On the exteriors, expensive fridges are desirable to the eyes for their sleek designs and styles. They have a perfect fit and a premium finish.

Below are some of the technological features found in expensive fridges but are lacking in non-expensive fridges:

  • Expensive fridges have multiple drawers, each with separate temperature controls. This feature helps keep different foods and snacks fresh and fit for consumption for extended periods. Each food/snack requires a different temperature setting to remain fresh.
  • Expensive fridges have ice makers, water dispensers, and water filters. You don’t need to buy other appliances for water and ice once you get your expensive fridge as it comes with these options.
  • Expensive fridges come with smart/wireless technology. Costly fridges have Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivities allowing humidity and temperature adjustment via smartphones.
  • Expensive fridges are equipped with ethylene gas filters. Ethylene gas from a ripe fruit can damage other foods stored in the refrigerator. Ethylene filters absorb any gas that emits from ripening fruits.
  • Expensive fridges have adjustable shelves. Such shelves allow you to change the fridge’s layout to fit different sizes of foods and drinks.
  • Expensive fridges come with dual evaporators and compressors. The double evaporator helps keep the fridge’s humidity stable, while a compressor ensures that the taste and odor from one cabinet don’t spread to others.

Do Expensive Fridges Look Better Than Inexpensive Fridges?

Expensive fridges do look better than inexpensive fridges. Most expensive fridges have sleek designs and premium, aesthetic finishes. They also come in various colors, enabling you to pick what matches your taste, preference, and the kitchen’s décor.

Most people prefer the stainless steel finish when it comes to personal style. Besides their beauty, such fridges are strong and can resist any element, be it dirt, strong impact, or fall. You can also request from the manufacturer that your luxury fridge be customized according to a unique taste.

Most inexpensive fridges come in 35 (2.9ft) or 36 inches (3ft) deep sizes. However, expensive fridges can be as short as 24inches (2ft) and as deep as over 70inches (5.8ft).  You get to choose a custom size, allowing you to easily fit it in your kitchen.

With these varieties in size, one can choose one that will complement their kitchen’s dimensions as well. The kitchen will look better than having an inexpensive fridge there, looking somehow misplaced due to its size.

Expensive fridges come in various classy and eye-catching designs too. These include French door, side-by-side, counter-depth, built-ins, bottom freezer, and top-freezer fridges. Each has its benefits, depending on one’s needs.

All these exterior features combined make expensive fridges look better than inexpensive fridges!

Are Expensive Fridges Worth Buying?

Expensive fridges are worth buying because they are durable, have more features and functionality options, incorporate the latest technology, and are aesthetically appealing in the kitchen. These fridges might use less energy to run, saving you utility bills in the long run.

Expensive fridges are built with utmost care using the latest technology and quality materials. Manufacturers put them through meticulous testing to meet reliability and performance standards. There is no doubt that expensive fridges are long-lasting and perform better, hence worth buying.

Here are more factors that make expensive fridges worth the money:

Pricey Fridges Are Aesthetically Appealing

Anyone looking for aesthetics in a fridge should consider getting an expensive one. Once it comes home to your kitchen, an expensive fridge will fit and blend perfectly well, as if it was designed for that particular kitchen. That perfect fitting gives the kitchen a classy look and feel, especially if the design matches its interior style and décor.

Costly Fridges Have Extra Features

Expensive fridges offer more extra features and functionalities than cheap fridges. With costly fridges, homeowners don’t have to purchase appliances like ice makers and water dispensers.

Regular fridges will only cool food according to the manufacturer’s settings. On the other hand, expensive fridges offer filtration and adjustable temperature control to keep food fresh.

Expensive Fridges Support Smart Connectivity

With expensive fridges, it is possible to control and adjust the humidity and temperature without going to the fridge’s location. These fridges come with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity to allow easy phone control.

With added phone control, you can check on your fridge from anywhere. If you’re planning a trip soon, having this feature could be beneficial to you. You can monitor your fridge’s settings without having to be at home.

Costly Refrigerators Are Energy Efficient

Expensive fridges feature premium technology which helps them operate optimally without taking too much energy. The ENERGY STAR® certified sticker in these fridges is enough to assure you of less energy consumption.